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4 Responses to “Welcome NYSNA Members”

  1. RoseAnn Orlando ARNP Says:

    I saw Nurse Jackie with my son who is also an RN. Both of us have worked many years in the ED. Our reactions were similar. We thought she was a corrupt human being and a disgrace as a nurse. Her behavior would never have been tolerated by any staff we ever worked with. As a psychiatric nurse who often treats impaired nurses I have heard of people who will do anything for drugs ,but never did any have delusions that this was saintlike behavio or that they were Robin Hood.

  2. Miriam D. Linton, RN Says:

    I have not seen “Nurse Jackie,” but now I am prompted to do so. Even though I have not seen “Nurse Jackie” I have already formulated my own opinion as to the negative protrayal of RNs.

  3. Pat cuomo Says:

    My mother spent a lot of her 30 years on earth in the hospital……most of her care was given by angels….but….there were so many demons providing care that I cannot dispute the portrayal of nurses on the show

  4. Sicily Liverpool Says:

    I work in an ER and recently my manager told us we have to take a competency exam during our evaluation period. We have mandatory competencies that we have to meet to continue working in the ER. This is new, however. The exam is impromptu. No date to take the exam is given. On any work day, we will be called to take the exam. I would like to know if anyone else in an ER or other areas have this experience.

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